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Sheetal With Her Watchman
Part - 1

[Image: DSC01101.jpg]

It had been almost nine months since Sheetal’s husband had gone onsite and left her alone back in Mumbai. She was really feeling lonely and the nine months of no sex had got her really desperate as well. There was nothing she could do than wait for her husband to return. Sheetal was a beautiful lady, at 36-28-34 she was well endowed and quite a looker as well, she was used to the gazes men gave her when she walked by them.

One evening in her usual frustration of feeling alone she went to her bedroom window to stare outside. Her bedroom window faced the back of the apartment building so there was hardly anything she could see there. As she looked out she saw the small separate room that the apartment society had given to the watchman and his family. Gopal, the watchman had a wife and two kids; the kids used to play in the back of the building. Sheetal loved kids and so one of her pastimes used to be watching kids play. That day ended up very different.

When Sheetal looked out she didn’t see the children there, but she saw Gopal and his wife sitting together on their cot (the cot was in a somewhat open shed touching the room). She watched as they both were romantically playing with each other. Sheetal admired the fact how such poor people manage to find time to be romantic with each other. Sheetal was lost looking at them, probably missing the romance in her own life. Suddenly things started changing in front of her, Gopal suddenly put his hand around his wife’s waist and dragged her closer to him and planted a wet French kiss on his lips. Sheetal could see Gopal’s wife reacting positively to the move, she reciprocated the kiss and moved her hand and parted this dhoti to reveal his already hard cock. Sheetal gasped when she saw Gopal’s cock, it was 8 inches long and atleast three inches thick, she could feel a warmth developing between her own legs seeing his cock.

Gopal’s wife started rubbing his cock while Gopal continued kissing her. Sheetal watched as Gopal’s hands moved up and cupped his wife’s boobs, but Sheetal knew he was not going to get any satisfaction there; his wife had completely flat boobs. Sheetal watched the erotic scene revealing itself in front of her window. She quietly went and turned off the room light so that they couldn’t see her watching. Sheetal watched as Gopal’s wife continued to pump his magnificent cock. Gopal then moved his hands into her salwar pants and Sheetal could only imagine him rubbing her pussy from there. Sheetal’s hand automatically went down to her own pussy with the scene happening in front of her. She herself didn’t have sex for a long time and watching her watchman’s magnificient cock and a live sex scene was really turning her on.
Very soon Gopal started to remove his wife’s salwar pants and had her nude from bottom down. He lifted her up and put her in a doggy position and in one swift motion planted his whole cock deep into her pussy from behind. The force that he did it made even Sheetal who was watching from a distance gasp with pleasure. Gopal was merciless, he was pumping her pussy from behind like a piston. His cock rammed her pussy continuously. Sheetal herself was now rubbing her clit vigorously and cupping her own boobs as she watched them fucking. Sheetal looked at Gopal’s wife’s face expression; it was of pure lust and pleasure. Suddenly to in Sheetal’s surprise she started imagining herself in place of Gopal’s wife, this got her much hotter. Sheetal watched as Gopal had now started spanking his wife’s ass while he continued to fuck her. Sheetal was surprised with his capacity to hold, he had been pumping her continuously for about 15-20 minutes and he had not cummed yet. By now Sheetal’s husband would have cummed.

As Gopal continued to fuck his wife, Sheetal got a very naughty idea. Sheetal decided to play with these two a little. She took her mobile and dialed Gopal’s phone. She watched as Gopal got distracted as his phone rang. Gopal stopped pumping his cock in his wife’s pussy (but he had still left it inside) trying to reach for his mobile. Sheetal could see his wife’s disappointed and angry face. Gopal picked up the mobile and greeted her. Sheetal told “Gopal, I need your help, my ceiling fan is not working, and it is very hot here, could you come and look at it”. She knew Gopal had no choice but to come. Gopal told her he would come now. Sheetal watched as Gopal took out his magnificent cock from his wife’s pussy and tried to explain to his. Sheetal watched as his wife scolded him, she smiled, she knew the feeling his wife must be feeling now.

Sheetal decided why not play with him a little bit more. Sheetal removed her dupatta and salwar top. She wore a loose low neck buttoned salwar top instead and waited for him to come. When Gopal came, Sheetal couldn’t help look down to see if she could see an outline of his magnificent cock she had seen earlier but sadly she could not. She could see Gopal was all sweaty and breathing heavily. She pointed to fan that was not working and he took the ladder and placed it below the fan and climbed it. Sheetal was in a very naughty mood by then. She watched Gopal go up and slowly undid one of the buttons of her salwar top and dropped a pen. She watched as Gopal looked at the falled pen, then she slowly bends down to pick up the pen, making sure he would get a good view of her cleavage and ample boobs. Sheetal got up and looked at Gopal innocently; he was standing on top of the ladder looking very anxious. Sheetal moved to the ladder and looked up at him and asked him “Gopal is there any problem”, as Gopal looked down he could see all the way down between her lovely cleavage and her black bra. Gopal gulped and said “No Ma’am”
Sheetal was not done with him; she then goes to a pile of papers on the corner and again bends down acting like she was making sure they are straight. She did this so that she could bend down to show her round ass to him. Sheetal knew Gopal could not do anything, there was no harm teasing him a little. As she got up and looked at him, Sheetal could see the tent formed by his cock. Considering how horny she was, Sheetal herself wanted to go and suck that 8 inch monster, but she couldn’t do anything either. Gopal silently looked at the fan and told Sheetal “Ma’am the capacitor has gone and I can get a new one in the morning only, I will come then”. Sheetal said ok and watched as Gopal went out and closed the door. She ran back to the window and went to see what Gopal would do.

Gopal’s wife was lying down on the cot when Gopal ran back. Sheetal watched silently as Gopal ruthlessly stripped his wife’s top off and started sucking her nipples. Sheetal knew her teasing at worked nicely and continued to rub her pussy. Deep down she wished it was her on the bed and Gopal was ravishing her body mercilessly instead. She knew Gopal was not going to enjoy his wife’s boobs, she had none at all. She watched as Gopal stopped sucking and continued banging his wife in the missionary position and eventually cum.

Suddenly…. Sheetal wanted that cock in her. She was ready to compromise anything for it.

comment to continue...

These lonli stories attract me a lot Smile great till now Smile

Part II
The next morning when Sheetal woke up all she could remember was the scene she saw last night. She remembered Gopal’s cock and how he fucked his wife like a hydraulic machine. Sheetal felt little bad thinking about another person’s cock like this but she was sex starved and she didn’t need to think hard for a reason to justify her lust. She blamed it all on her husband being away. She looked out of the window and saw Gopal and his wife going about their morning chores. His wife used to work as a maid somewhere so she was getting ready to go.

Sheetal was school teacher and it was the summer vacation time, she didn’t have to goto work so she decided to take a nice warm relaxing bath. She filled the bath tub with warm water. After sometime she went and relaxed in the hot tub. She could feel the warm water gushing between her legs and she felt a slight excitement buildup again. She moved her hands between her clean shaven pussy and started flicking her clit to masturbate. She let out a soft moan as she felt her orgasm buildup inside her. She was imagining Gopal’s penis pumping her hard. As her orgasm buildup Sheetal arched her back in an arc due to the pleasure sensation. She rubbed her nipples with the other hand. With a bang she cummed right there with a soft groan.

Even though she cummed Sheetal was still not satisfied. She put her hand back on her shaven pussy and started flicking her clit again. Sheetal’s second orgasm started to build up again, she was assaulting her pussy with her fingers imagining it was Gopal’s cock penetrating her. Suddenly Sheetal heard the doorbell ring. She was too caught up with the fingering that she didn’t bother going to open it. No one was more important than her pleasure. As she continued again the doorbell rang, she paid no heed to it again. Suddenly the doorbell started ringing continuously. It hit Sheetal, it must be the children in the building, since she was a teacher and childless, the kids used to come and play in her house. She knew ignoring the bells will be no good; the children will keep ringing it till she opens it. Sheetal carefully got out of the bath tub and took a towel and dried her wet body. She tied the towel around her body and went to the front door, to tell the kids to come after sometime.

Sheetal opened the door and was suddenly taken aback. With the kids was Gopal standing there with the capacitor. The kids told her “Gopal was ringing doorbell and you didn’t open Aunty so we were showing him how to open”. Sheetal smiled sheepishly, she didn’t know what to do, the towel she wrapped was barely able to cover her boobs and just long enough to cover her pussy. Gopal had an awesome view of her body standing there. He could see the curves of her hips and the long thighs and legs, only about half her massive boobs were covered by the towel. He watched drops of water drop down from her hair to her boobs and flow down between her deep cleavage. Hardly anything was left to imagination at that point. The kids ran away to continue playing downstairs. Gopal and Sheetal stood oddly staring at each other for some time. Sheetal finally broke the silence by calling him in. She didn’t know why she did that but that’s what she did, partly it must have been because she once again saw the growing tent of his cock in the pants he was wearing. Sheetal turned around and walked inside giving Gopal a good view of her shapely back and he swaying ass.

As Gopal climbed the ladder again, Sheetal sat on a chair nearby, she did not change her towel since the scene was giving her an extra kick. She watched the tent of his crotch of his pants. Gopal in the meanwhile could not take his eyes of Sheetal, she was always the hottest babe in the building but he never imagined he would be able to see her like this. As Gopal changed the Capacitor he kept peeking at Sheetal’s body and naked flesh. He felt like a monster in him was ready to jump. Finally he changed the Capacitor and came down. Neither of them wanted the other to leave, Gopal asked Sheetal to give him a glass of water since he was thirsty. Sheetal walked towards the kitchen making sure she swayed her ass a little harder.

Sheetal came back with the glass of water and gave it to Gopal, as she gave the glass of water to him her hands slightly brushed his hands. Sheetal turned around and was walking towards the chair again. Gopal was looking at her back again, he could not take it anymore; he had reached a point he could not think properly. He slowly put the glass on the table and with one hand caught Sheetal from behind and with the other hand he closed her mouth. He was planning to rape her if he had to. To his complete surprise there was no resistance from Sheetal. Sheetal was finally happy, all the seduction she was doing for last fifteen minutes worked. When Gopal hugged her from behind and his strong arms covered her mouth she felt an electric shock of pleasure going through her body. She was completely his for his pleasure.

Gopal needed no explanation, he wasted no time, he pulled towel at the knot and let the towel slip down to the ground. His greatest fantasy woman was right now completely naked in front of him. Years of fantasizing on her and she was finally going to be his. He cupped her lovely boobs from behind and started kissing her neck. He could never enjoy his wife’s tiny boobs now he had the buildings most succulent boobs to suck on. He turned Sheetal around and admired her nude form for a minute. He then pushed her to the floor and was on her tits. Sheetal felt he was like a hungry baby looking for milk. He sucked, licked and squeezed all over her boobs. Sheetal felt her pleasure building up again. She hadn’t felt like this since her husband left. Now a complete stranger was enjoying her and the feeling was making her hornier. As Gopal continued to suck her nipples hungrily, Sheetal could feel his cock pushing onto her. She decided to take control.

She firmly pushed Gopal off and made him lie down flat. She seducingly crawled up to his pants making a very naughty and sexy face. Gopal was waiting in anticipation. She slowly unzipped his pants and unleashed the monster. Sheetal took out his 8 inch monster and admired it. Gopal loved the feeling of her hands on his cock. Sheetal studied his cock like it was some sort of rare specimen. Then she naughtily looked up to Gopal and licked the shaft of his cock. Gopal had never got his cock sucked before, his wife never did it. Gopal let out a loud moan as Sheetal pushed his erect cock into her mouth, the warmth and wetness of her mouth was driving him crazy. Sheetal loved the taste of his cock, there was something different about his cock that she could not explain, it tasted salty with the dirt yet there was something tasty about it. After about ten minutes of the most sensual sucking Sheetal had ever given to any man, she could feel Gopal’s cock pulsating in her mouth. She knew he was going to cum. Gopal was lost in pleasure, and then a thick splash of cum flew into her mouth. Sheetal was an expert, she swallowed it all.

Gopal almost fainted with the pleasure he got with his first blowjob, he had heard from his friend that blowjobs are awesome, now he knew. Gopal got up and he lifted up the nude Sheetal in his arms and took her to the room. What he was going to do to her needed a quieter place where no one could hear them. He threw her onto the bed and started stripping. Sheetal admired Gopal’s well toned body. Gopal started kissing Sheetal on her lips and slowly moved down. He reached her boobs and started sucking on her nipples. He could never enjoy his wife’s chest ever again after this. Slowly he continued down to her navel and started kissing her navel. All this while the anticipation of his movements was getting Sheetal nice and wet. Sheetal felt his tongue slowly moving down to her pussy lips. She let out a soft groan when he reached there. Nine months since anyone other than her fingers had touched her private parts. She was in heaven. She moaned and groaned with pleasure as Gopal nibbled on her pussy lips and start tongue fucking her. Sheetal missed a man’s touch on her body. As Gopal continued to lick her, he moved his hands back to her nipples and started pinching her nipples. The licking with the exciting of her nipples was more than her body could takem in a matter of seconds Sheetal had her orgasm right onto his face. Gopal licked the sweet salty pussy juice and smacked his lips in approval as Sheetal blushed.

Gopal’s penis was erect again; he looked at Sheetal’s exposed pussy lips. Gopal did not have too much time, he was away from his post for almost half an hour, someone would be looking for him. He looked at Sheetal, her eyes were closed with the pleasure of her orgasm. He quietly positioned his cock near her pussy lips and in one swift move shoved his whole cock into her pussy. Sheetal was suddenly taken aback by the pain of the sudden entry of his cock. Her eyes opened and she almost screamed. But as he continued his fast pumping the pain slowly subsided and it turned to lovely pleasure. She curled her legs around him to get a deeper entry. Sheetal understood that Gopal was in a hurry, so to help him cum faster she squeezed on her pussy walls to give him a tighter entry. Gopal continued humping her in missionary position till her felt his cock about to cum. In one swift move he took his cock out and cummed over her boobs. He collapsed on top of her and gave her a hug. He whispered in his ear that next time he will fuck her in all sorts of positions till she can’t walk. Sheetal playfully slapped him.

Gopal got up and told Sheetal he needs to go back to his post. Sheetal licked his cock and told him to be back for lunch if he can. After he left Sheetal recollected what all happened and went to take her second bath..


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